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3D Ranges

ATTENTION (13 Oct 2020) - The 3D range has been winterized. All the targets have been pulled from the West Loop. The number of targets and shot distances on the East Loop have been reduced. All the targets on the north facing slopes have been pulled in anticipation (and hope) of significant snow. Below, Scott and Steve are 'winterizing' the moose. It will be back next spring, but where will we put him...

The 3D range has been significantly revamped! Members have asked for a 3D course focused on hunting preparation and our volunteer army has worked tirelessly to deliver. The “course” is now 2 ½ miles long and uses areas that we had previously only used for tournaments. There are two loops, shoot one or both, with 24 to 30 targets total. PLEASE, for safety reason these loops MUST be one-way! Once you commit to a loop, walk it all the way around. Maps are attached that lay out the course along with a *.gpx file of tracks and waypoints for use with your GPS.

East + West Range Stats

From the Static Range and back: 

3.75 miles


~ 11500 steps

27 floors

6963ft max elevation

Avg 85°F

Possible ~4lbs of sweat loss

The East Loop

The East Loop is laid out to the East of the clubhouse, along the creek bed, but the targets are now spaced much further apart and now wrap around the back side of the ridge that runs along the north side of the creek bed. The first target on East Loop is not until you have walked past the sheds, across the creek bed. Once you shoot the standing elk/mule deer combo position, take your bow with you as you retrieve your arrows—once you pull your arrows from the elk, the course continues due west up to a small shelf, where we have some short 3D targets. The course then cuts back north to take archers over the ridge to the water line that runs along the northern boundary of Field Range 3. Some targets are now at 80+ yards. This is not to advocate for taking long shots while hunting, but to make you more confident and lethal when an elk is broadside to you at 50 yards. We have also put out more of our larger targets, e.g., elk, caribou, buffalo, moose, etc., as we approach hunting season. We still have target(s) at the “tree stand” tower; it is at the discretion of the archer whether to shoot from the tree stand first, last, or not at all. We are using all the topography providing for steep up-and-down hill shots.

The West Loop

The entry point for The West Loop is to the southwest of the clubhouse where the broad head range was previously located—Archers need to cross the creek bed and the access road, then look for markers in the trees to continue on a southwest line up to the top of the ridge. Shooting lanes in the wooded area will be marked. The remainder of course A runs along the south (e.g. far) side of the ridge to the south of the clubhouse, before it cuts back north to bring archers to the tree stand down by the sheds

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