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Spring is finally in the air! We are now beginning the process of setting up our two 3D courses for the 2021 season and preparing for the Triple Crown Tournament. These will be different than what you shot last fall. Changes include new targets, new signage, and a new entrance to the West Loop. As we implement changes to the course we will update the website.

In 2020 we had bear problems and we lost several 3D targets. This guy had a particular hatred for foam pork and foam cinnamon colored bears. If you see this bear or others please be careful and slowly back away. Snap a photo if safely possible, then email the club at We need this info to help us work with the USAFA wildlife management folks.

Notice :

  • The tree stand platform is in need of repairs and has been shut down. 
  • Please be careful on the 3D range, the steep sections can be quite slippery in the afternoon sun when the snow melt 'greases' the trail!

A few shots on the East Loop

Members have asked for a 3D course focused on hunting preparation and our volunteer army has worked tirelessly to deliver. The targets are North American game animals. In 2020 we bought more elk, sheep and pronghorn targets as we emphasize big game of the inter-mountain west. These new targets are being put out now as we prepare for the Triple Crown Tournament. The “course” (the combined East and West Loops) is now 2 ½ miles long and uses areas that we had previously only used for tournaments. There will be a total 30 targets out through April, then in May we will increase the number of targets to 40. PLEASE, for safety reasons these loops MUST be one-way! Once you commit to a loop, walk it all the way around.

East + West Range Stats

From the Static Range and back: 

3.75 miles


~ 11500 steps

27 floors

6963ft max elevation

Avg 85°F

Possible ~4lbs of sweat loss

Shooting Lanes

Because the course will be continually evolving through out the year and for each leg of the Triple Crown a new approach is being utilized this year to mark 3D shooting lanes. First we are using yellow signs with black arrows to mark the paths to and from each shooting lane. Next large yellow signs will indicate the shooting lane number. The West Loop will always be numbered between 1 and 20, the East Loop will always be numbered between 21 and 40. Red signs designate Extreme shooting positions, green signs designate regular shooting positions. T-posts will designate the shooting lane, a triangle starting about the shooting lane number and extending out to the target. For safety reasons please do not shoot outside the shooting lane! BTW there will be several shooting lanes with safe shots in the 80 to 100 yard range. Below is an example of a shooting lane.


The East Loop

The East Loop is laid out to the south east of the clubhouse, along two drainages starting with target 21 (a standing elk).  There are 15 targets spaced much further apart with shooting stakes tucked back and away from the roads. We are continually adjusting shooting stakes and target locations.

Target 21 is 100 yards past the sheds on the left and across the only bridge without an orange cone. Once you shoot the standing elk, take your bow with you as you retrieve your arrows—once you pull your arrows from the elk, the course continues due west up to a small shelf, where we have a 20ish yard turkey. The course then cuts back north to take archers over the ridge to the water line that runs along the northern boundary of Field Range 3. The targets have been placed at shooting distances from 15-85  yards with a number shots/targets placed in challenging locations. Enjoy the course!

The West Loop (opens Saturday the 27th)

The entry point for The West Loop is from the static range parking lot starting where the entrance to Range 4 used to be. The path will go where Range 4, Target 3 was and continue south up the ridge. Signs will be posted pointing the way. 

The West Loop will have targets 1 through 15 placed along 3 drainages. The terrain is steep and rocky with shots out to 100-ish yards. Be prepared to hike up and down the draws through the cactus. The course is significantly longer than last year! Below is the map. The red lines are the club's boundary. The red pins are shooting lanes. WL-o1 designates West Loop course, shooting lane 1. Wl-06 and 07 are at the bottom of the hill below the wind sock.

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