Academy Archery Club

The Academy Archery Club is planning to hold a Triple Crown Tournament in 2021. We had hoped to have the tournament open to both members and nonmembers. Unfortunately with the state of Covid (as of Mid-November) we are now anticipating on a members only series (unless a miracle happens and we could open it up to all) . The intent is to use only online registration and credit card payment via our new website to reduce volunteer time requirements. Registration for the first leg will open early next year. The 2nd and 3rd legs will open about 45 days before each event.

FYI, registration is not yet open...

There is a survey currently open to members to gauge interest in the 2021 Triple Crown. Please participate in this survey so the event can be tailored to our membership.  As of Black Friday morning we have had 25 members take the survey...

The each leg of the Triple Crown will be unique to take advantage of our terrain of our new 3D course. Be prepared to walk about 3 miles and shoot up and down the valleys of both the West and East Loop courses.

Our intent is that the tournament will not be ASA or USA ARCHERY sanctioned; we will be creating 'club rules' that are simpler and inclusive. We want to encourage family participation! Based on prior feedback we propose a format is more of a fun shoot than a competitive event. For the competitive archers we are looking at keeping scores for bragging rights. Prizes will be drawn from the participants. The number and value of prizes will directly related to event participation; the more participants the greater the prize pool.

We will have a course setup that will be welcoming to both compound and traditional archers.

We are envisioning a rule set that looks something like the following:

  • There will be two classes; short range and extreme range. The short range class will have shots that are about half that of the extreme class.
  • There will be no equipment restrictions; any sight, any arrow speed, any stabilizers, etc. So bring the equipment you want to shoot.
  • For the 1st leg there will be 30 - 40 targets on 24 April. The targets will be placed at unknown distances out to 60-ish yards for the extreme class, and 35 yards for the short range class. No range finders will be allowed on the course.
  • For the 2nd leg there will be 30 - 40 targets on 15 May. Range finders will be allowed; targets will be placed out to 80-ish yards for the extreme class.
  • The final leg be extreme and will look something like a Total Archery Challenge with 50 targets. The 3rd leg will be held on 12 June. Targets for the extreme class could be out to 100-ish yards and range finders will be allowed.

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