Cadet club

Cadet club

Located on the U.S. Air Force Academy and nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains you will find the 209 acre Academy Archery Club & Cadet Archery Club.  Here you can enjoy the outdoors and sharpen your archery shooting skills while improving your mental focus and resiliency.

***Prep Cadets: email [email protected] your request***

3D Ranges offer 20+ targets, a Broadhead Range, Four walking Field Ranges that have 14 targets on each range (48 targets), also offered is a lighted practice range with targets from 10 to 80 yards as well as a 90 meter World Archery/Olympic lanes.  All 8 of the ranges are open 7 days a week.


The Academy Archery Club is a private organization and a gracious guest of the Air Force.  The club receives many great benefits from this relationship that they could not otherwise afford in a civilian economy.  Our members graciously volunteers numerous hours to maintain the ranges for our community and Cadets.  Due to this, they are subject to the U.S. Air Force Academy rules and processes. 

 Cadet Archery Club Contact Info: $20 per year

CIC Cadet Levi Brodman:         [email protected]

OIC Capt Peloquin:                    [email protected]

NCOIC    SSgt Jacob Weber       [email protected]

Alt. OIC   Dennis Scott:               [email protected]