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Academy Archery Club


Below is our plan to provide a safe archery experience and to mitigate physical contact to the best of our ability. Failure to follow these rules could result in revocation or range privileges and membership.

Rules of Engagement (ROE):

1. EVERYONE will:

a. USE the 6-foot safe at home criteria distancing rule throughout entire Ranges

b. Be REQUIRED to have a face mask with them at all times on USAFA property, utilizing it if they are within the 6 foot distance or needed.

c. Limit group size to a maximum of 4 people

2. Memberships: Completed online: academyarcheryclub.org.  Any questions, email academyarcheryclub@gmail.com

3. The static range is LIMITED to no more than 8 people at a time. Only one shooter per target. Each shooting station will be separated with a wooden pallet.

4. Sharing of equipment is PROHIBITED except with whom you currently reside.

a. Archers must bring and use their own equipment: bows, arrows, releases, etc..

5. Ranges are one-way direction, as such, this should prevent large groups

6. Porti-potty is available, Base CE contract maintains cleaning service 2x/week

7. Clubhouse: CLOSED

8. No restroom will be available at the clubhouse

9. No food and beverage available; patrons are allowed to bring their own

10. No rental bows available

11. No lessons available

Risk Mitigation Efforts:

    •  RoEs advertised on Academyarcheryclub.org prior to the opening
    • Email academyarcheryclub@gmail.com with questions or concerns
    • Signage will be posted at entrance and throughout area with restrictions above
    • Hand sanitation is the archer’s responsibility throughout the outdoor area (archers only to touch their personal equipment)
    • All archers will wear masks if they cannot maintain 6-feet of social distancing


Currently visitors/guests are allowed by sponsored Military ID not civilian DBIDS card until further notice due to COVID-19

***ONCE YOU BECOME A MEMBER, then you will have access to the Base***

We will keep you updated when changes occur

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"Academy Archery Club" is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

5342 Sumac Drive, USAF Academy, CO 80840

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