Academy Archery Club


Daily Range Pass Procedure

Day pass $15 for Adult guests/non-members and $5 for 16 & under, per day for all ranges.

Members have access to the ranges 7 days a week.  A Range Pass is required and must be displayed and/or in the archer's possession at all times.  Guests/Non-members must purchase a Daily Range Pass using the online "Event Registration" process, using the pay envelopes provided on the bulletin board at the static range, or, by going to the clubhouse when it is open.  For the envelope process, take an envelope (one per archer or per family), fill out completely, include payment, seal and drop into the mail slot at the bulletin boards.  Remove and keep card with matching information as your daily range pass and evidence of payment. 

Non-Members and Non-DoD I.D. card holders wanting to bring their bows onto any of our ranges (for use with a day pass) are allowed to come onto the base through the South and North Gate.  However, safety is our TOP PRIORITY and anyone displaying unsafe actions will be removed from the range.

Membership for 12 months

Memberships are now done online!  Membership can also be completed at the clubhouse on Saturdays.

Non-military associated members will be provided instructions on how to obtain a DBIDS (Base Access) Card which will give access to the range 7 days a week.  

Membership fees:

  • Single  $95
  • Family  $140 (2+ individuals)
  • 3D range fees included in both memberships

Note: For Academy Archery Club purposes, a family is defined as a married couple with or without dependent(s) that are 18 years old or younger, or, as a single parent with dependent(s) that are 18 years or younger.  Dependent(s) in institutions of higher learning may be included up to age 21.  Permanently disabled dependents are exempted from the age requirement indefinitely.

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