Annual membership fees

Memberships are now completed online!

All Memberships are for 12 Months





3D range fees included in both memberships 

Time allowed on range:  Civilians: 5:30am-10pm Military: 24/7 

Note: For Academy Archery Club purposes, a family is defined as a married couple with or without dependent(s) that are 18 years old or younger, or, as a single parent with dependent(s) that are 18 years or younger.  Dependent(s) in institutions of higher learning may be included up to age 21.  Permanently disabled dependents are exempted from the age requirement indefinitely. 

Academy Archery Club Bridge

Daily Rates

Daily Range Pass

Ages 18 and Older


Daily Range Pass

Ages 11-17


Daily Range Pass

Ages 10 and Under


Important notes

Civilians no longer require DBIDS cards to access the base!

(this is for now and may change in the future)  


***you will need a valid Driver’s License or State Issued ID 


your Membership Card or current Academy Archery Club Daily Range Pass

to enter***

Security Forces will check for these credentials if you have a bow in your vehicle and remember crossbows are not allowed on the Academy Archery Club.