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Academy Archery Club

Range Safety Rules and Regulations

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Safety is of the utmost importance to the club. Any member violating the Club’s Range Safety Rules and Regulations that each member signed when they obtained their membership will have their membership privileges suspended and the Board will consider permanent membership revocation.

1.       The Academy Archery Club safety procedures are required because of the potential danger involved with the sport of archery. These procedures are designed to minimize the risk of injury to anyone using the range.
1.1.       In the absence of any specific rule, common sense must prevail while shooting on the range.
1.2.       Equipment should be checked for serviceability each time before shooting.
1.3.       Enter and exit all ranges only at designated points. Do not “back track” on any range. Do not take any short cuts between shooting lanes.
1.4.       Do not nock an arrow until verifying the area down range is clear and you are standing at the established shooting line. Once an arrow is nocked, the bow will always be pointed down range.
1.5.       No one will proceed past the shooting line until everyone in the group has finished shooting.
1.6.       If you must go behind a target to retrieve an arrow, you will place your bow, jacket or any other obvious item in front of the target to obstruct it. This will alert other archers that the target is not clear.
1.7.       Absolutely no crossbows on any range. Although a background check is not required to purchase a crossbow, Colorado law considers crossbows equivalent to rifles for hunting purposes.
1.8.       Accidents which result in injury or damage to public/private property, fire, or incidents that generate public attention, will be reported immediately to the Club President, Dennis Scott, by both email (academyarcheryclub@gmail.com) and phone (719-339-5303).
1.9.       No unauthorized guests allowed. All Shooting Guests Must Purchase A Day Pass.
2.       Possession or consumption of alcohol, marijuana including THC-based products, or any other banned substance are prohibited on any of the ranges.
3.       Smoking of any kind is prohibitive on archery property to include clubhouse, patio, static range, ALL walking ranges, parking lot, etc. Smoking is allowed in your vehicle.   
4.       Pets must be on a leash, in control of owner and must never disturb/distract other shooters. The only exception is for service dogs under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA stipulates that the service animal must be harnessed, leashed, or tethered while in public places unless these devices interfere with the service animal'swork or the person's disability prevents use of these devices. In that case, the person must use voice, signal, or other effective means to maintain control of the animal. https://www.ada.gov/regs2010/service_animal_qa.html 
5.       Broadheads, either practice or hunting types, are only allowed on the Broadhead Range or in a member’s vehicle. The possession of broadheads on any other range will result in immediate membership suspension and a hearing with the Board who will then vote to revoke the membership.
6.       A gate leading the to the clubhouse has been installed. The club house is currently closed due to Covid. If the gate is open it is for maintenance purposes. Please do not park at clubhouse. Please do not block this gate when it is closed.
7.       We are all guests on the Academy –we must do our part to keep the range clean.
7.1.    Put all trash in the receptacles provided; these are not for household trash.
7.2.    Pick up all broken arrow parts and put them in the receptacles.
7.3.    Don’t feed the bears and other wildlife. They are protected by law.

   The Academy Archery Club is a Private Organization.

It is not a part of the Department of Defense or any of its components and it has no government status

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