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We could not have done a fraction of our new 3D Ranges without our 23 fabulous volunteers who have graciously donated their time and sweat over 185 DAYS SINCE February 27th! We are forever indebted to them for their incredible generosity.

We are continuously improving, there is still a lot of work to be done, and there are a lot of future plans where we could always use help.  If you wish to be a part of the improvements please see link below.


We are always in search of ways to provide a better product/range to support a large membership population. If you have been a member for some time you have seen a few evolution of this in the type of bails the range has utilized over the years.  We were recently introduced to a new bail that may drastically reduce the amount of labor/maintenance required to upkeep the range. We understand that the current targets leave a mess on carbon arrows and can be difficult to pull arrows. To that end the new targets use a urethane foam material. One of the vendors is Big Boy Archery targets ( The other is American Whitetail (, we are evaluating their DynaFOAM material. We expect to receive these targets in mid-August and you’ll first see them on the static range. You will begin to see these new bails in key locations across the range. Please give us your thoughts on how they perform and what you prefer. 

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