Academy Archery Club

1st Leg of the Triple Crown

  • 24 Apr 2021
  • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Club 3D Range
  • 4


  • Registration only for those with family memberships who will be bringing participating family. Each family member (Guest) will cost $10. Children under 10 are free. Shooting groups are limited to four people, so members can only bring a maximum of 3 family members (guests). Kids under 18 need an adult in their group. If you want to bring more than 3 family members please contact Bob Garrett or Dennis Scott and we try to accommodate your request.
  • Registration for those with an individual membership, or those with a family member shooting by themself. An individual may bring a child 17 or younger as a guest. Children 10 to 17 are pay a $10 guest fee. Children under 10 are free.
  • a nonmember guest must be either a military ID holder with access to USAFA or be sponsored by a club member with a military ID. There will be no other access to USAFA or the club for this event for civilian nonmembers.

This event will be a more traditional, 30 target 3D shoot with known distances (bring your range finder, and we will have a cheat sheet for those without range finders). It will be shoot-for-fun; scores will be kept and posted. Prizes will be awarded based on a random drawing. There will be three classes of archers. A Fun Class that can shoot anywhere between the shooting stakes and the target and scores will not be recorded. A Short Course Class with targets out to 30 yards; scores will be formally recorded. An Extreme Course Class with targets out to 60 yards and scores will be formally recorded. 

For clarity - Scores will be officially recorded only for the Short and Extreme classes. Participants can declare as compound or traditional; youth, adult, or senior (60 and older); male or female. The declaration will accompany their scores. 

Participation will be capped at 100 folks.

This event will be open to members and guests who can be escorted to the club by military ID holders. Members with a DBIDS card may escort a child 17 or younger as well. Members will pay $20, nonmember guests over 18 will pay $20 plus the $15 daily range pass. Children 17 and younger will be charged $10. For those with family memberships you can bring up to three members of your family unless you shoot in the Fun Class (then bring everyone!). Family members are categorized by our software as 'Guests' under the family registration. Individual members with DBIDS may escort a child age 17 or younger as well. We will also allow non-members who hold a DoD ID granting access to USAFA; these folks will be charged $20 plus the $15 daily range pass.

Cancellations will be allowed up to 5 days before the event. Refunds are logistically challenging for the club, and will have to made by check and can not be refunded to your credit card.

There will be no parking in the Club House parking lot. Check in will be at the Static Range pavilion stating at 8:00. Group definitions will be announced by email prior to the event. Score cards will be handed out at check-in. 

Promptly at 9:00 there will be a quick tournament briefing. Our goal is to get folks out onto the range for a shotgun start before 10:00, hopefully 9:30. 

Lunch will be provided. Lunch will be prepared at the Club House with tables set up in the parking lot. Please remember that Covid may have an impact on shooting group size and limit the total number of participants. Covid may also prohibit us from having a group lunch. We just won't know until we get much closer to the event.

Group sizes will be a maximum of 4 shooters. If you have a group you would like to shoot with then please list them on the form where indicated. Also, please make sure each member of your group also lists the group members on their registration.

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