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Academy Archery Club Message

20 Apr 2021 7:31 PM | Kay Core (Administrator)

Academy Archery Club Message

April 20, 2021

Attention Members!

The General Meeting for April 29th at 6pm is CANCELLED.

Black Bears Emerging from Hibernation

Spring is here and the regions black bears will be coming out of hibernation and looking for a quick, easy meal.  If bears found food in the trash containers near your home or office last year before hibernating, it's probably one of the first places they will return to this spring.  If it happens to be a returning sow with cubs, she’s unfortunately educating the next generation of “dumpster divers”.

Access to food habituates bears to becoming more comfortable around people.  To help keep them away, make sure the doors on your bear-resistant dumpster or toter receptacles are closed and properly latched.  This also protects the bear population, as medicines, chemicals, plastics, and other household trash items can injure or kill a bear. 

To report a bear-resistant dumpster needing repair in the Pine Valley or Douglass Valley housing areas, contact Hunt Housing maintenance at 867-9675.  Housing residents who do not use a bear-resistant dumpster must secure their trash in a garage, or other enclosed area, until collection day.

For all non-housing bear-resistant container repairs, call the 10 CES Customer Service at 333-2790. 

For immediate bear problems, contact the 10 Security Forces Squadron at 333-2000. 

To report bear sightings or recurring issues, please call 10 CES Natural Resources at 333-3308.

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