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Academy Archery club

AAC August 2022 Newsletter

12 Aug 2022 5:39 PM | Kay Core (Administrator)

President’s Comments


Currently, our Club has updates for you as we are improving constantly and with this changes occur.  We encourage your views and comments as our membership is full of experience and working together we can enhance our successful organization. Our email is: academyarcheryclub@gmail.com.

  • Board Members: Temporarily appointed and official elections will be held in January for Secretary: Ben Franke, Tournament Director: Anna Holland and Director at Large: Steve Pierich to include my position President and Facilities Manager.  A newsletter will be set out with the position’s responsibilities and the procedure of the elections.
    • Board meetings will be held at least once a quarter, which we will annotate the agenda and minutes as you can provide input.  Membership annual meeting will be at least once a year.  Been some confusion and I want to clear it up for you all.
  • SUMMER LEAGUE:  14 Aug—10 Sept Please check website to sign up
    • Enjoy the range and practice scoring…importantly be with fellow members
  • Kid’s Range: We have appointed Steven Schoffstall and Family.
  • Budget:
    • Currently placing 3D order this fall to replace inserts, new targets for Triple Crown and others on the range.
    • Pasting targets: glue, rollers Thank you Leon, Lackey Family, Gary Brooks
    • Purchasing material for large Platform…waiting for cost estimate.
    • Property Insurance has been finalized and currently covered
  • Membership: 637 members & w/families 3K+ Thank you to Board & Members!!!
  • Website: By Oct new/improved website with Wordpress. Allows our editors to make changes easier to ensure you have the most current information to include current maps of the entire ranges.
    • Zack and I reviewing the first draft of the website
  • Triple Crown Tournament: 2023 Dates: 22 Apr/20 May/24 Jun
    • Anna working vigorously on inputs of members for classes next year
    • Board is working on budget for the tournaments (trophies, food, flyers, scorecards and etc)
    • Email will be set out for comments on draft procedures
  • Community Involvement:
    • Provide lessons to Cadets waiting on approval for open lessons
    • Youth Center children: provide area for training
    • Colorado Youth Outdoors: provide assistance to kids/parents shooting
    • Base Departments/Units: provide club house an offsite to include discuss and introduce archery
  • Future Projects: ideas
    • Covered shade at static range
    • New waterline working through CE
  • Access to Base: is OPEN to everyone with valid driver’s license doesn’t require a DBIDS card.
    • North or South Gate access allowed
  • Cadet Club:
    • Currently growing interest 200+ members: assisting w/clean up
    • Adding more shelves in their room for bow storage.

SAFETY: “It’s everyone’s responsibility to enforce SAFETY”

  • Crossbows are not allowed on any range at the Academy Archery Club!
  • No broad heads allowed on the ranges EXCEPT the broad head range.
  • Range Safety: recent concerns
    • No passing through other ranges when exiting/No smoking.
    • Stay within the lane
    • See a concern let us know, email or call.
  • All DOGS must be on a leash! EXCEPT if they are a service animal.
  • Platform “Tree Stand” near East 3D range is closed.
  • Range Safety Committee: going to discuss at next Board Meeting--w/Board Member to chair w/members to volunteer.

On behalf of the Board Members and I, we are thankful to ALL members for staying loyal; our volunteers for their time continuing to take care of our ranges.  We strive to successfully provide updated information, clear communication and buy in to our future goals to you as we are far from perfect, however our hearts are for our members and Cadets.


Dennis Scott “Scotty” 719-339-5303

“Get er Done!”

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