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August Board Meeting Minutes

19 Sep 2022 9:17 AM | Benjamin Franke

Board Meeting Minutes 8/18/2022

Attendance: Scotty, Mike (Virtually), Ben, Dan, Scott, Zack, Steve, Anna

President: Intro

Treasury: Report

Secretary: Read minutes from last meeting

General Club Business:

  • Elections - Different Procedures were discussed. Final election process has not been established. Topic will be solidified during the next meeting.
  • Safety Committee: Looking into adding a safety button on the website to help in reporting unsafe range conditions.
  • Work Party Volunteers to Range Leads: trail maintenance, ect. 
  • Website/Updates: Looking to include club historical data on the new website
  • Scout project on Range 3 update (Jake Thompson): Looking at October 9th
  • Purchase booster: enhance phone connectivity for hot spots/emergency. Board voted, motion approved.

3D Range Coordinator:

  • 3D/Kids Targets: New/Repaired Targets in work.

Facility Coordinator:

  • Purchase a cypher lock for clubhouse (Suggest for Club to purchase)
  • Property Insurance purchased
  • Pets must be kept on a leash sign ordered 
  • 1-3yr Project Plan: Professional Signs/Overhead cover at Static Range/ Water line to clubhouse (all being discussed/in works)
  • Equipment maintenance: Rotational maintenance schedule being created to ensure equipment is being cared for correctly

Tournament Committee:

  • 2023 Triple Crown: Planning details discussed, right on schedule.
  • Spring Field League Update: Initial planning in works
  • Kid’s Tournament in 2023: Initial planning in works

New Business:

  • Virtual meetings for entire members: Looking to start after elections, spring of 2023. (enhance membership involvement/ownership)
  • Range Map updates to include map locations (Information Board/website) Map making equipment acquired, new maps in work.
  • Clubhouse: Looking at possible gate access options.

Projected Meetings:

  • Next Board & Membership Meeting: Nothing in September (Its archery hunting season!). Next meeting will be sometime late October.
  • 3rd Thursday each month for Board meetings unless it conflicts with majority Board members schedules.

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