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Academy Archery Club

Winter League

Good day!

            Are you ready for another shot! Academy Archery Club proudly presents our first Winter League. This league will be 8 weeks. We will host the league much like the summer league with some variances. Please refer to the by-laws for weekly ranges and shooting lanes. We will host 2 person teams, one arrow per target.

Dates included: 30 Oct- 7 January. We will NOT shoot the week of Thanksgiving or Christmas. If you will be out please get your scorecards to me as soon as it becomes available. All scorecards must be turned in by 7p.m. local 7 January or they will not be counted in your team totals. The week will run from sun up Sunday through 7p.m. Saturday that week. All score cards must be turned into the club Vice President, Michael McMillen. It can be emailed to him or texted to him @ 307-287-2214. PLEASE DO NOT PUT YOUR SCORECARDS IN THE DROP BOX.

            Depending on the amount of registered teams will determine number of winners. For every 3 teams there will be 1 winner (ex. 9 teams=top 3 will be winners, etc). Each participant will register through our website, read the Bylaws, and pay the $20 toward the end of league purse (PAYMENT WILL BE PUT IN THE DROP BOX AT THE STATIC RANGE). By registering you are agreeing to the bylaws set forward by the League Coordinator, Michael McMillen.

            I look forward to meeting up with you all over the 8 week span, and look forward to a great season in hopes it becomes great again!

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