ONLY DOD Card and DBIS Holders                                  

                                   May Academy Archery Club Newsletter

        Thank you--to ALL of our members & volunteers for all the support & comments within the past few months! We have been working vigorously to open the range. USAFA has now allowed us to open ONLY for DOD ID Card (CAC or Military ID). If you still have a valid DBIS card then you are good to get on until it expires. I am working with the base leadership to get the DBIS cards issued again for our civilian members. I will keep you updated on any changes or information as it arises. I very much look forward to all of our members being back at the range.

      Please note that we have increased our single memberships from $90 to $95 and family from $130 to $140. This will allow our upcoming new website to take payments for renewals and update our ranges. If you have had a membership within 14 Mar - 23 May please consider your range passes to expire for the time you could not come onto the range. Regarding the civilians that are not allowed on base, your time will be adjusted upon returning. Below are the Membership Process and the RULES of ENGAGEMENT within our range.

Membership Procedures: Dues have increased: Singe $95 and Family $140

Members that are authorized to get onto base will email with the following information below as you will get a follow up email to confirm your scheduled day and time to receive your range pass. Plan for Saturdays: between 9-12 for handing out passes that have emailed their information.

          · Your First and Last name

          · One email address and one phone number

          · Military or (Civilian if you can get on)

          · Single or Family with a list of your Dependents


Academy Archery Club Board


Dennis Scott "Scotty" any questions or concern regarding the Club or Cadet Club

**** Reminder: Time to get your equipment ready for shooting and hunting!!! The following Archery Business will work with your needs/requests please contact them as they support our club and assist our local businesses.  

--Archery School Of the Rockies.    (719-272-4379)               info@archeryschoolofthe

--Bill Pellegrino's Archery Hut.        (719-659-6144)

--Bowhunters Edge Archery              (719-321-7780)

--Rocky Mountain Specialty Gear  (303-421-2259)

--Bear Creek Archery                             (303-781-8733)



Located on the U.S. Air Force Academy and nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains you will find the Academy Archery Club.  Here you can sharpen your shooting skills on our 3-D range or any of our four walking ranges.  We also offer a lighted practice range with bales from 10 to 80 yards as well as a 90 meter FITA lane.  All 6 of the ranges are open 7 days a week.  Clubhouse is currently closed and memberships are on appointment only unless otherwise indicated below or in our monthly NEWSLETTER.  Although located on the grounds of the United States Air Force Academy, our club offers membership to both military, their dependents  and civilians. 


2020 Upcoming Events

  **NOTICE **


 On Air Force 'home' football game days Stadium Blvd will be closed  between the Stadium and Community Center Drive.  Preferred access to the Archery Ranges and the Clubhouse will be via the SOUTH GATE - to Community Center Drive - and then to Sumac.  This will apply on ALL Saturdays when the Air Force football team plays at home.

We invite ALL archers to our tournaments(with the exception of the Trick or Treat only members).  If you are a non-member and wish to participate in any of our shoots, please visit the "Access Range" tab and follow the simple instructions listed there.

Updated guidelines for all visitors without military/DoD ID to access the Academy. Please visit the "Access Range" tab.  

See Access Range & Tournaments tabs for more information



Important Information & Dates

Next Open Membership Meeting

Membership Meeting: Mar--TBD

Upcoming Work Party Date - To be announced

Bring work gloves - we provide lunch!

List of items for the work party will be posted.

Be sure to visit the "Tournament" tab to read current information regarding any future events.  

Use the "Contact Us" tab if you have questions.

We are currently unable to provide lessons due to a staffing shortage.  We will update our status here on our home page and the "Lessons" tab when we are able to resume lessons.