Elections will now be held Friday, February 21st at the clubhouse

Stay tuned for updates to the 2020 tournament schedule coming soon!

Located on the U.S. Air Force Academy and nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains you will find the Academy Archery Club.  Here you can sharpen your shooting skills on our 3-D range or any of our four walking ranges.  We also offer a lighted practice range with bales from 10 to 80 yards as well as a 90 meter FITA lane.  All 6 of the ranges are open 7 days a week.  Clubhouse is open Saturdays only from 9:00am to 4:00pm - unless otherwise indicated below or in our monthly NEWSLETTER.  Although located on the grounds of the United States Air Force Academy, our club offers membership to both military, their dependents  and civilians. 

Academy Archery Club 2020 January Newsletter

As you know 2019 saw much churn in the club's Board of Directors.  The board now consists of three members. Dennis Scott is the President, Nolden Sorensen is the Vice President and Bob Garrett is the Tournament Director.  It's time to schedule the annual Board of Directors election for club officers.  The open board positions are the President and Vice President.  Our President Dennis Scott and our Vice President Nolden Soerensen have been in an acting capacity since Al and Jackie 'retired' last fall.  Both Scotty and Golden are running to keep their positions for the next two years.  If anyone wants to throw their name into the race please email your intent to academyarcheryclub@gmail.com before 31 January.  By the way, in the current state it is best if these two positions are held by active duty or retired military person.  This is because these positions report to the Mission Support Group Commander, USAFA.  The election will be held at the Club House at 6:00pm on February 21st.  Last month our club Secretary Mike Graczyk and the Treasurer Dennis Perl resigned from the board.  In the interim a few of the members have stepped up to see hoe the secretarial and treasury responsibilities fit before running for office.  The Tournament Director, Secretary and Treasury positions will be up for election next year.  We want to encourage all to come out and vote on February 20th.  In addition we are eager to show-off the progress that has been made on the club house renovation.

We want to thank Scott Rodgers for all his work supporting the club over the past four months.  Last fall when the board solicited folks to help the board level,  Scott stepped up and volunteered.  He did not want a board position but took on range maintenance roles and even pained the kitchen.

Changes are coming to the club's tournaments in 2020 and we want your feedback before we make final decisions.  Changes are needed because we just don't have the resources any longer to maintain the old ways of doing things.  First, it's about volunteers, tournaments have been very labor intensive and the folks who set up the ranges and ran the previous events just aren't around anymore.  Second, tournaments are expensive in terms of targets and especially prizes (e.g., belt buckles and trophies).  In addition, the majority of folks participating in our tournaments are not club members.  It seems that nonmembers should being paying more to offset costs currently being covered by member's dues.

Our thoughts on 2020 tournaments for the club include:

1.  We want to require online registration and payments prior to the tournaments; no registration or payments on tournament day to reduce lines and congestion in the clubhouse.  We also are inclined to charge nonmembers more.

2.  We will not have a triple crown this year due to a lack of resources.  In its place we plan to have  a Double Crown 3-D tournament on the 2nd & 3rd of May as the following week is Mother's Day.  Our thoughts are to have a Saturday-Sunday (same weekend) event with 30 targets each day.  The first day will be unknown distances and the second day will be known distances (bring your range finders, targets could be way out there).  We are tending to relax equipment rules and categories to encourage participation from a larger pool of archers.  Prizes will be reduced.  Participation will be capped at 120 people.  Fees are projected to be $5 for cubs, $20/day for members and $30/day for nonmembers.

3.  We will be hosting the Colorado State USA Archery 2nd Field State Championship Event tentatively set for 27 June.

4.  We plan to hold a youth tournament series during the summer.  We hope to collaborate with local youth archery clubs in the El Paso County area on this series.

Please email us your thoughts and ideas to academyarcheryclub@gmail.com in the next few weeks so we can work them into our plans.  We value your feedback!

As current President, I would like to say THANK YOU to ALL the volunteers that have provided numerous of their valuable hours maintaining the ranges and updating our kitchen/bathroom project.  The website will show our progress soon and the ranges are always top-notch.

President:  Scotty    Vice President:   Nolden    Tournament Director: Bob

2020 Upcoming Events


  **NOTICE **


 On Air Force 'home' football game days Stadium Blvd will be closed  between the Stadium and Community Center Drive.  Preferred access to the Archery Ranges and the Clubhouse will be via the SOUTH GATE - to Community Center Drive - and then to Sumac.  This will apply on ALL Saturdays when the Air Force football team plays at home.

We invite ALL archers to our tournaments(with the exception of the Trick or Treat only members).  If you are a non-member and wish to participate in any of our shoots, please visit the "Access Range" tab and follow the simple instructions listed there.

Updated guidelines for all visitors without military/DoD ID to access the Academy. Please visit the "Access Range" tab.  

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Next Open Membership Meeting

The annual club meeting to elect officers (President/Vice Present) will occur in February 20th at 6pm.  This special yearly meeting is open to all Archery Club Members.

Upcoming Work Party Date - To be announced

Bring work gloves - we provide lunch!

List of items for the work party will be posted.

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We are currently unable to provide lessons due to a staffing shortage.  We will update our status here on our home page and the "Lessons" tab when we are able to resume lessons.